Oferta investigación. CRAG, Barcelona (PLAZO HASTA EL 11 SEPT)


Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics CRAG (CSIC-IRTA-UAB-UB)

Plazo: 11 de septiembre 2011.


Research subject:

Plants adapt to changing environmental conditions through complex regulatory networks involving post-translational modifications. We are interested in studying the role of SUMO, a protein post-translational modifier, in plant abiotic and biotic stress responses. For this purpose, we use a wide range of approaches including biochemical techniques, proteomics, cell biology, plant engineering, genetics and genomics.

Candidate profile:

We look for a highly motivated student holding a degree in Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or related, clear thinker and organized. Good academic marks are expected. Experience in laboratory techniques will be evaluated positively.


The successful candidate will join a young research group at the Molecular Genetics Department of the Center for Research in Agricultural genomics (CRAG) CSIC-IRTA- UAB, Barcelona, Spain. The institute offers state-of-the-art facilities that support competitive research in all biology areas that will be required during the development of the project. The project is funded by a European ERC-Starting Grant.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and a CV including academic marks to the following email address maria.lois@cragenomica.es. Application period is open until September 11th, 2011.

L. Maria Lois CSIC Associate Professor http://www.cragenomica.es/ http://www.inproteolys.es/group.cfm?id=39

Más información:

L. Maria Lois, PhD
Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics CRAG (CSIC-IRTA-UAB)
Edifici CRAG-Campus UAB
Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallés)
08193 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34 93 5636600 ext.3215
Fax. +34 93 5636601
email: maria.lois@cragenomica.es

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