Oferta de Proyecto de Investigación para estudiantes PhD

 Vacancies are available for the incorporation of PhD students who wish
 to carry out their research in the project of Dra. Barrachina’s group
«Modulation Of Epithelial Autophagy By Macrophages: Relevance For Wound
 Healing In Crohn´S Disease”.
 Summary: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a highly prevalent
 pathology characterised by alternating phases of remission and clinical
 relapse. Its pharmacological treatment is far from wholly effective
 since, rather than providing a cure, it is limited to increasing the
 duration of clinical remission periods and slowing down the destructive
 and progressive course of the disease, which eventually culminates in
 intestinal failure and serious complications. In recent years, mucosal
 healing has been established as a key goal in the treatment of IBD, as
 it allows for sustained clinical remission and resection-free survival

of patients. The addition of anti-TNF agents to conventional
 anti-inflammatory/immunodepressor therapy has allowed significant
 progress in this respect, but there are still a high percentage of
 patients in whom mucosal healing is not achieved. In this context, a
 better understanding of the etiopathogenesis of IBD is needed in order
 to develop new and more effective therapeutic approaches. 
 PhD student should apply for two fellowships in order to support his/her
 expenses in Valencia (house rent,..):
 VALi+d 2014: http://www.cece.gva.es/poci/es/ayudas_becas_2014.htm
Beca predoctoral Atracció de Talent” de VLC-CAMPUS de la Universidad de
 Valencia 2014:
 Beca FPI 2014:
 The grants are a 3-year full-time contract. Position allocated in
 Universidad de Valencia-CIBERehd (Valencia)
 (https://www.pharmacologyvalencia.com). Tentative starting date
 August-Sept 2014.
 -Master degree finished or in progress.
 – A highly motivated science master student with a BSc score > 2.2 (1-4).
 – Training in Biology and Molecular Biochemistry.
 – Hardworker, eager to learn, capacity for team work.
 Información complementaria de la oferta:
 Applicants must send a copy of the CV AND SCORE before July 15th to: 
 mdorma@uv.es and Dolores.barrachina@uv.es

Mª Dolores Ortiz-Masià, PhD
 PhD Researcher
 CIBERehd-Dep. Farmacología
 Facultad de Medicina
 Universidad de Valencia
 Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 15
 46010-Valencia, Spain
 Tel. (+34) 96 3864630
 Fax. (+34) 96 3983879