Estancia de un año en el IDIBELL de Barcelona para estudiantes de último curso

The Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) at Barcelona (Spain) offers 12 places for students they complete the degree in June 2011 to complete their training during the summer months in one of 53 research groups from the Institute. The training program will have a twofold theory and practice and duration of 12 weeks between July and October.

My group is interested in trainning a student in our lab of biochemistry and molecular biology that works  mainly in cell signalling mechanisms (see group publications below).

.Requirements for candidates wishing to participate in the program must:
1)Being a student of final year degree in the field of biomedicine.
2)Having an academic transcript greater than or equal to 2.
∙ The applications must be submitted via e-mailto
. Curriculum vitae and academic transcript of credits approved
3. Motivation letter (maximum 200 words)

. Length of practice:
The internship will last 12 weeks is full-time  distributed between 1 July and 30 September according to the researcher.

Deadline for submitting applications : May 25th 2011

. Regime practices
1. Students who live outside the municipality of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat will receive 500 € / month for living expenses and those they pay to the municipality
transport pass.
2. Students will have an accident insurance during their training period
3. The practices provided this notice does not imply any relationship
contract with the student IDIBELL.
4. The Scientific direction comitte of the IDIBELL will evaluate the final report which will make the student before the end of his training period and will issue a certificate of their training IDIBELL.

Mercè Pérez-Riba has a small group with two predoctoral students.

Publications of Mercè Pérez-Riba group from 2006:

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Impact factor (2006): 4.89

M.C.Mulero, A Aubareda and M Perez Riba
RCAN3, a novel calcineurin inhibitor that down-regulates NFAT-dependent cytokine gene expression.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta- Molecular Cell Research 1773: 330-341. 2007
Impact factor (2007):  4,37

Davies KJA,……Pérez-Riba M,…..Estivill  (34 authors; Mercè Pérez in position nº 20)
Renaming the DSCR1/Adapt78 gene family as RCAN: regulators of calcineurin
FASEB. J 21: 3023-28. 2007
Impact factor (2007):  6.79

Begoña Hurtado, Xavier Muñoz, Mª Carme Mulero, Gemma Navarro, Pere Domènech, Pablo García de Frutos, Mercè Pérez-Riba*, Núria Sala*   (*Co-author directors)
Functional characterization of 12 natural PROS1 mutations associated with anticoagulant protein S deficiency
Haematologica-Hematol. J. 93:574-580. 2008
Impact factor (2008):  5.98

M Mulero, A Aubareda, M Orzáez, J Messeguer, E Serrano-Candelas, S Martínez-Hoyer, A Messeguer, E Pérez-Payá2 and M Pérez-Riba.
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MC Mulero, M Orzáez, J Messeguer, A Messeguer, Enrique Pérez-Payá y M Peérez-Riba
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M Hueso, E Navarro, F Moreso, F O’Valle, MC Mulero, M Pérez-Riba, R García del Moral, JM Grinyó y D Serón.
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mpact factor (2009): 5,67

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